Gülnar Eziz

Preceptor in Uyghur and Chaghatay

Harvard University, Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations


+1 (785) 393 8899 | geziz@fas.harvard.edu

About Me

I am a Preceptor at Harvard University since January 2020. I teach Chaghatay and Uyghur languages. I earned my PhD earned in Linguistic Anthropology at the University of Kansas and served there as a Research and Teaching Assistant in Uyghur and Chaghatay. My scholarly interests focus on the language and literature in Uyghur and Chaghatay. My primary research focuses on complex predicates in Turkic languages to explore questions of interest to syntax and semantics. My attention goes on to explore verb typology in Turkic both historically and contemporary. My research addresses questions like:

(1) how complex predicates developed from Old Turkic to Modern Turkic languages?

(2) how the serial verb structure develops its new function in Modern Turkic, ending with a demonstration of a few of the structures that undergo the grammaticalization process between late Chaghatay and modern Uyghur?

(3) how we can better understand the form, function, and meaning of different types of complex predicates?

I apply the research result to my language teaching curriculum.

Curriculum Vitae


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